De acordo com informações do governo americano estes são os principais lugares no mundo que promovem a Pirataria. O Brasil está fora desse clube.

Bahia Market (Guayaquil, Ecuador) This expansive market of at least 1,000 vendors sells large quantities of illicit goods, many of which are either counterfeit products or goods stolen from the Guayaquil port.

China Small Commodities Market (Yiwu, China) The China Small Commodities Market in Yiwu reportedly sells mostly consumer goods. Industry has cited the market as a center for wholesaling of infringing goods, making this market the origin of many counterfeit goods available internationally.

Ciudad del Este (Paraguay) In Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, the city’s economy is based in part on the trafficking of counterfeit and infringed goods, with a particular emphasis on electronic goods. This activity spills over into the entire Tri-Border Region of Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil, creating a hotbed of piracy and counterfeiting.

Harco Glodok (Jakarta, Indonesia) This market is one of many in Indonesia known for counterfeit and pirated goods, and is particularly notorious for pirated optical discs.

La Salada (Buenos Aires, Argentina) La Salada is the largest of many well-established markets in Buenos Aires that have been cited as being heavily involved in the sale of counterfeit goods.

Ladies Market (Mongkok, Hong Kong) This well-known tourist shopping area is one of several markets in Hong Kong that have been targeted for anti-counterfeiting enforcement by Hong Kong Customs.

Luowu Market (Shenzhen, China) Shenzhen and Guangzhou provinces are reportedly home to dozens of markets offering counterfeit or pirated goods. The display of signs prohibiting the sale of such goods has not served as an effective deterrent, as exemplified by the Luowu market.

Nehru Place (New Delhi, India) Nehru place is reportedly one of the many markets in major cities throughout India that are known for dealing in large volumes of pirated software, optical media and counterfeit goods.

PC Malls (China) Industry reports that personal computer malls throughout China, such as Hailong PC Mall in Beijing and Yangpu Yigao Digital Square in Shanghai, sell computers with illegal operating system software and other unlawfully pre-installed software.

Petrivka Market (Kyiv, Ukraine) This open air market reportedly houses as many as 300 stands that sell pirated goods, including music, films, games and software.

Quiapo (Manila, Philippines) Quiapo is just one example of several locations and neighborhoods, especially in metropolitan Manila, known to deal in counterfeit and pirated goods such as clothing, shoes, watches and handbags.

Red Zones (Thailand) Thai authorities have designated the Panthip Plaza, Klong Thom, Saphan Lek and Baan Mor shopping areas, among others, as targets for enforcement against piracy and counterfeiting.

San Andresitos (Colombia) These marketplaces of varying sizes scattered throughout Colombia are notorious for unauthorized reproduction


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